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Thank you for helping make our dreams come true

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We did it! Alix and Ben are married!!!

As we are sitting on the plane to Maui we have been reflecting back over the wedding and the months leading up to it. All of you who attended the ceremony are very special to us and we wanted to say thank you for being in our lives and helping us celebrate the joining of our hearts together.
A HUGE thank you to Alix’s sister and Maid Of Honor Madeline. Madeline came and stayed with Alix and was a tremendous help with administration and decoration. Without you Madeline, Alix may have lost her marbles. Thank you thank you thank you!
To our parents, thank you for raising us with strong principles and standing by our side  as we move into the next chapter of our lives.
To Grandpa Wayne, thank you so much for officiating the wedding! It was a great blessing to continue a family tradition and to have someone we love so much perform the ceremony.
To the bridal party, thanks for having our backs through life! We appreciate you more than you can imagine.
To everyone who has followed our relationship and provided encouragement or advice, thank you for being part of our life.
And now back to dreaming about naked Mai Tais on the beach in Maui!
The new Mr and Mrs Ben Lobaugh
P.S. Watch this site and our social hashtag #lobaughlovestory as we will be posting pictures from the photographer over the coming weeks.

The Bachelor Party

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My guys threw a great bachelor party for me this weekend. We hit up a couple thrift stores and outfitted ourselves with outrageous “formal” attire. From there we were going to paintball in said suits but the paintball place closed early, so we moved on the part 3 of the schedule, kayaking!

The kayaking was great. We left from Enetai park and roved around super rich people’s houses and yachts. We chased a sailboat and caught up to it! Richie paddled with his entire left arm in the water and came away soaked.

After paddling we meet up with more guys at Lakewood park for some disc golf. I of course won fair and square! Jaffe kindly did not track his own score so I could win ;).

We finished off the night with dinner at the Whiskey Kitchen in Ballard and polished a couple growlers on the boat.

Fantastic day. Thanks Josh for being my best man and organizing and thanks to Jaffe, Richie, Rich, and Brett for making the day unforgettable!



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Today I met the lovely Alixandra at Blue Ribbon Catering. Blue Ribbon is providing food for our Seattle reception and they can provide a plethora of food options. The tasting is a selection of foods that best match the time of year and theme of our wedding.  We spent two hours trying some of the most delicious food I have had in my life. If was difficult to narrow down our choices but we did it. I cannot wait till August 21st to chow down on these delicious goodies!

The Proposal


It is the evening of December 20th and I am eagerly waiting beside the baggage claim a Seatac airport. Her bag already in hand, I scan the crowd of people milling about, desperate to lay my eyes on the woman I love. The woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.

Three long days ago, with a mixture of sadness and excitement, I watched Alix walk out of my sight and into the airport to board a plane that would take her over a thousand miles away from me to vacation with her family in Disneyland. I already missed her but as I pulled away from that curb my mind started racing with plans and I knew that I had only three days to put together a proposal that would take her breath away. The first stop, to pick up the ring.

Over the past few weeks I had worked with the fantastic Carolyn Isaacs at Robbin’s Brothers in downtown Seattle to select and set the perfect ring. The ring was ready to pick up so after dropping Alix off I headed there. I love the ring that I picked out and am confident it will look exquisite on Alix finger.


The night before the proposal was a whirlwind of activity. A friend was visiting from Canada and I was watching a friend’s two kids but my sister had made the two hour trek to help me rearrange and decorate Alix house. There were paper hearts (RaeAnn hand made these, thanks!) hanging all over the walls with electric tea candles flickering in them, additional tea candles were spread throughout the living room. Written in Hersey’s Kisses right as you walk in the door were the words “Ben + Alix”.


To get into the living room Alix had to pass through a doorway of hanging Christmas lights and into a darkened living room that was arranged in such a way to draw the eye to the center of the room where on a pedestal waited the ring and a bottle of champagne.


Thankful that I had rehearsed several times earlier, and with heart pounding and the sound of blood rushing into my ears, I took Alix hand and led her to the pedestal. As I got down on one knee Alix eyes widened with a mixture of surprise and elation. As I looked into the eyes of the woman I desire to spend the rest of my life with I wanted to give her a speech about how much I love her, about how since the day she entered my life my entire world was flipped upside down and only then did I realize I had only been living half a life, a life that now seems empty and meaningless without her. To tell her all about the amazing adventures we will have together, to let her know how excited I am to begin a life and start a family with her. But as I got down on one knee I became overwhelmed with emotion and my voice became wobbly and gained an octave. Overcome with love and thoughts of the future I asked Alixandra Akimi McCuen to become my wife and partner with me for all our lives. She squeak screamed an excited yes and Mariah jumped on us nearly knocking us over in her own excitement at becoming a new family.


We are live! Sign up for updates

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Hello all you beautiful people out there! We have been promising you a site with updates on the #lobaughlovestory for many weeks now. I am happy to announce that we are now live!

What does this mean to you? We will be sending out weekly updates with the lovey dovey story of us.

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