A couple weeks ago Benjamin and I met again with the catering company; they also decorate and provide flowers. This is why we chose Blue Ribbon, they offer this convenient service and boy are they good at what they do!

So I like pink.

Okay, so, I love pink. It’s no secret. Everyone knows. My family, my friends, my coworkers, strangers on the street know this. My fiancé knows this.

So this petite pink woman was shocked when her fiancé didn’t want ALL PINK LINENS. Utterly shocked.

We compromised beautifully, and came up with something very classy, nautical, and I’m pretty much in love with the linens and how the tables will be set up. We are still deciding on escort cards, but that’s for another day. We have the big stuff decided on, out of the way, and we are happy about it 🙂 Please don’t worry, there will still be plenty of pink at our wedding. Just maybe not as much as you were expecting with me as the bride.

Onto the flowers. Our wonderful professionals pointed out that I liked big, fluffy flowers and helped us decide on our floral bouquets and arrangements. That was a little more detailed than I thought it would be, and it also made me realize I know nothing about flowers. I am so delighted that Ben’s father and sister will be providing their beautiful Dahlias for the ceremony! Can’t wait for all the big fluffies! Can’t wait! The Lobaughs are kind of a *big* deal in the Dahlia industry so it will be very special.