We did it! Alix and Ben are married!!!

As we are sitting on the plane to Maui we have been reflecting back over the wedding and the months leading up to it. All of you who attended the ceremony are very special to us and we wanted to say thank you for being in our lives and helping us celebrate the joining of our hearts together.
A HUGE thank you to Alix’s sister and Maid Of Honor Madeline. Madeline came and stayed with Alix and was a tremendous help with administration and decoration. Without you Madeline, Alix may have lost her marbles. Thank you thank you thank you!
To our parents, thank you for raising us with strong principles and standing by our side  as we move into the next chapter of our lives.
To Grandpa Wayne, thank you so much for officiating the wedding! It was a great blessing to continue a family tradition and to have someone we love so much perform the ceremony.
To the bridal party, thanks for having our backs through life! We appreciate you more than you can imagine.
To everyone who has followed our relationship and provided encouragement or advice, thank you for being part of our life.
And now back to dreaming about naked Mai Tais on the beach in Maui!
The new Mr and Mrs Ben Lobaugh
P.S. Watch this site and our social hashtag #lobaughlovestory as we will be posting pictures from the photographer over the coming weeks.