About the Bride

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About the Groom

IMG_8601When Ben was born he was the sparkle in his parents eyes. Being a very inquisitive child he took apart every toy he had with moving parts. Frustrated parents finally told everyone attending his birthday or Christmas to not give any gifts with moving parts, remote control, etc. Well little did we know that was a gift and passion leading to his love of computers. He also had received tons of Legos throughout the years, which he absolutely loved.

Now all grown up, Ben is still the sparkle in his parents eyes. He absolutely loves his family and has become on we can turn to for strength and support. If you are his friend he will do anything for you.

We, Ben’s family, are extremely pleased he has chosen Alixandra to be his wife and look forward to the joys of this new journey through life with them!

– Wayne and Juli Lobaugh Jr.